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Quanterra Software for Automated Cattle Counting

We take the guesswork out of cattle inventory.

Our automated COWculator counts feedlot cattle on aerial images with 99% accuracy. COWculator works well on most ranches, too.

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We Provide

  • Livestock collateral verification with >99% accuracy on feedlots
  • Cattle inventory on feedlots and ranches
Automated Livestock Counting for Feedlots, Ranches and more

How It Works

Choose Images

1. Collect Images

Collect aerial images of feedlot pens using your favorite drone

Upload Files

2. Upload Files

Upload your images via our dedicated upload page

Get Livestock Counting Analysis

3. Get Count

Receive a full inventory report with the cattle totals for each feedlot pen

Our Customers

  • Banks and lenders
  • Livestock insurance companies
  • Feedlots and ranches
  • Drone operators
Aerial Cattle Photo - home photo


  • Accuracy: Cattle counting accuracy as high as 99% or more on feedlots
  • Efficiency: Reduce manpower and time spent during routine audits
  • Ease: Just upload your images, and an automated report will be emailed right to you with all the answers you’re looking for.

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